Finding the Best Facilities Management Software

The impact of facilities management software on organizations and facility managers is undeniable. It is estimated that facility managers save up to 3.5% of all management costs by using a software. From this statistic, it is clear that facilities management software is vital to a modern day’s facility manager’s operations. However, with there being hundreds of software options to select from narrowing down to the best is often a daunting task. The best management software will have the following characteristics.

Qualities of the best facilities management software

Easy to install and usejmkmb23ed5redt26dy72u2

The ease of installing software will determine how efficient it is. Software that has complex user interface will be difficult to use. The best software will have a calendar as its primary interface. The benefit of a calendar based interface is that it is easy to use as it is familiar to many users. Ordinarily, facility managers will use management software once in every six months or one year. Therefore, a good software needs to be easy to use for periodic users.


Different facility managers have different needs. Thus, a good software needs to be flexible and easily customizable to meet the needs of different managers. This means that good software needs to be able to incorporate the management needs of its user.

Minimal upgrade changes

Facility management software as with all other software gets upgraded to newer versions over time. However, the upgrades should notjmkmb2w3e5r25edt62ey72u2u3822 disrupt the users’ routines. As such, the best software ought to have minimal changes when it gets an upgrade. Due to their busy schedules, very few facility managers will have time to familiarize themselves with new major changes done on their software. The best software should have easy to incorporate and quickly to grasp upgrades. This will help facility managers maintain their routine without having to waste time on re-understanding the software.

Easily accessible customer support

It is important for facility managers to have a contact line to the customer support center responsible for their facility management software. The best software ought to have a direct contact line to a technician. This will hasten the process of resolving any problems that arise with the software. Also, the direct line will help a facility manager know the status of their request. As already stated facility managers have busy schedules, and a disruption in the schedule can be catastrophic. It is for this reason that a good software needs to offer direct access to a technician or a customer support agent.