Choosing the Right Backpacking Chair

Backpack folding chairs have gained a lot of popularity in the modern days. It is one of the essential equipments used for adventure. It is a resourceful item, especially for beach travelling and camping. They are mainly used by people when they take a break when they are hiking, trekking or camping. My Wild Earth is one of the sites where you can find great backpacking chairs for sale. They are made using light and sturdy materials. The article is going to guide you in choosing the right folding backpack chair. The following are the essential factors that need to be considered.

Fabric materials

You should go for a chair that is made using high-quality materials. A good material should have the following essential features: flame retardant, fade-proof, washable, cold-resistant, light fastness, tear-resistant, shrink-resistant, highly durable, anti-static, anti-UV and waterproof. 450D ripstop polyester, 210d ripstop nylon, and 600D polyester fabrics are some of the highly recommended fabrics.chair materials

Frame design and material

This is another important feature that needs to be considered. Some of the common frame materials include 7000 series aluminum and anodized aluminum. In general, these chairs are made using aluminum frames. It is preferred because it is durable, lightweight and it does not require a lot of high maintenance. These frames are also resistant to rust. Again, they do not chip or peel easily.

Easy setup

This is an important feature that should not be overlooked. It should take a few minutes to set it up. It is, therefore, important to go for a model that can be disassembled and assembled easily. This is a feature that is mainly determined by the design of the pad and frame.

Compact and lightweight

This is an item that you have to carry on your back. It should be compact and lightweight to make it portable. Its portability is determined by how easily it can be carried around when hiking or trekking.  You should choose a model that suits your needs. It should have the desired capacity.


You should choose an item that will make your trip more comfortable even if it will have an additional weight. Some of the main factors that affect the comfort level include sturdiness, material, size, and height when set up.


The stability of the chair is chosen on the terrain that the chair will be used in. Ideally, having a stable chair will prevent from topping over especially when you are using it on the beaches or in the mountains. It should also be stable for easy balance.