Saving your back one mattress at a time

Back pain can keep even the best sleepers awake and frustrated at night. Now, mattress companies have been trying to develop mattresses that can help with back pain, but sometimes it is not up to the mattress, but rather the type of back pain that you are experiencing. This makes sense, of course, with the back covering the majority of the surface area of the bed. The first thing you need to know about your search for the best mattress for back pain is what type of condition you have.


ghshgsau6sahjsaFor patients with osteoarthritis, they are most likely going to want to sleep on their sides, leaving most of the pressure off of their spines. Especially if they were to curl their legs up in the fetal position. As far as mattresses are concerned, someone with this type of back pain should invest in an adjustable bed so that their head and knees can be elevated, allowing for some of the pressure on the back to be released.

Spinal Stenosis

People suffering from spinal stenosis are in the same boat as those with osteoarthritis. They will prefer to lay on their side or with their head and knees elevated. Anything to cause the release of pain from the back. Likewise, they should invest in an adjustable mattress that allows for knee and head elevation.

Degenerative Disc Disease

Unlike the other two types of back pain, people suffering from degenerative disc disease prefer to sleep flat on their stomachs, as this relieve pressure on their back’s disc space. They will be the most interested in a firm mattress, with a flat pillow as an option to go under their stomach.

The ideal mattress

As far as a specific bed to buy, it would seem like buying a mattress that has an adjustability factor in its orientation and firmness would be ideal for anyone with back pain. This would allow the consumer to control firmness or softness, as well as moving their heads and knees to various positions to alleviate pain. This type of bed also allows the consumer to change how they sleep once they have cured their back pain.

hhsasau6asasAnother feature that makes this type of bed ideal is that you can buy these mattresses with dual control, giving you freedom to mess with your mattress without forcing your significant other to endure that style of the mattress as well. With these various options, one mattress could last a consumer five years or more easily, and would allow for adapting pain symptoms.