Reasons for Using a Paid VPN For Torrenting

In life, everyone is determined to get the cheapest deal of everything. Much still, the availability of free options will be considered with a sigh. Because at least one will save money and use it on other things. The case is the same for torrenting.

You probably have heard someone saying that they use a VPN to mask their torrents. Yes, this is possible. Since people want to download huge files that could cost them a lot, they opt to employ a VPN so as to enable them to torrent anonymously. Still, they endeavor to have an entirely free service by not being willing to spend even on the torrents themselves. Ideally, there is nothing like free services when it comes to torrenting. Downloading, streaming and torrenting are practically impossible with free VPNs. However, if you still want free VPNs for torrenting, you can consider taking advantage of the free trial options provided by commercial VPNs.

Dangers of free VPNs

Even though commercial VPNs offer free trial options, they aren’t free as the word may suggest since the free trials are always tied to one or more of the following:

  • The hope that you will end up upgrading to a paid planhsdnsa7sasa
  • Ensure you get adverts on their platform so as to cover the costs
  • They monitor your internet usage and sell the data to advertisers
  • They are a government agency that needs access to encrypted data
  • They are a group of hackers potentially looking to steal your data

Reasons you should always use paid VPNs

Thus, what you consider free and quickly pounce may end up being very expensive. Always endeavor to use paid VPNs when torrenting for the following reasons among others;

a. Unlimited service

Every free VPNs limits something. Every one of them comes with a certain amount of limitations. In fact, very few free VPNs allow torrenting. Using a good paid VPN will enable you to get unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited speed, and unrestricted access to ports, protocols, or VPN software.

b. Trust and accountability

Not many people take seriously a product they are offering for free. But, when you pay someone for a product or service, they are legally bound to provide you the right one. Your contract with free things doesn’t mean anything major. They usually have little or no accountability. They are no legal obligation to offer the best.

c. Premium VPN service is very affordable

kjsmnsa87sasMost credible VPN providers offer monthly services at very affordable rates. You’ll rather pay than have yourself endangered. By paying that amount, you are buying your security, anonymity, and peace of mind!