How Much Does a Savannah Cat Cost?

As odd as it may sound, have you ever thought that there could be a kitty out there with some doggy characteristics? If so, then it’s about time you consider owning Savannah breed of cats. This exotic breed is not only beautiful to the eyes but also extremely intelligent and loyal like man’s best friend.

By now you could be having rough estimations intg63ed63ye7u23e8i292 your mind on how much you need to own one of these elite hybrids. Each Savannah breed comes with its pricing tag usually ranging from $1000 to $22000. And once you notice the might of the Savannah you will know for sure that what you have is far much bigger than what you paid for.

What is a Savannah Cat?

Recently accepted by TICA in 2012, Savannah cat breed is a blend of Wild African Serval and various breeds of domesticated cats. The features that stand out include; its large ears, hind legs, and its tall, slender body. Pricing criteria are based on some factors such as size, appearance, and generations extending from F1 to F7. The “F” letter here demonstrates the number of generations from the Serval ancestry; the closer the age, the larger the feline.

How much does a Savannah Cat Cost?

Based on size, weight, appearance and generation, each hybrid will be priced. If big is what you are looking for, the F1 and the F2 male Savannah are the biggest of the cats.

Stud Book Traditional (SBT) Savannah Cat is also known as purebred has at least four generations removed. If the above list of Savannah Cat Prices would make you break a wallet, no need to worry because there are other options to get the cats at affordable prices;

Rescue Homes

If you a53e5dt62edy72u82i2re familiar with any Rescue homes around, adopting the gorgeous and playful Savannah from these homes will grant you the best of prices. SBT Savannah Cats are not only cost effective but also more reliable compared to other hybrids making them a perfect choice for families with kids around. All in all, it is important that you do thorough research on the health of the cat before deciding to spend your cash. Ensure you seek an expert’s advice on this.